We have some devastating news: One of the greatest titles in cinema will be leaving our living rooms come December 1. You now have only a few precious days to watch, and rewatch, Nicolas Cage's Left Behind: The Movie. Run—don't walk—to the nearest television and stare Nick Cage deep in the eyes. You'll find Christmas cheer in there.

As with every dark night though, there is a bright morning sun on the horizon.

All-in-all, the month of December is bringing you titles of great joy. The Ray Charles biopic, Ray, starring Jamie Fox will begin streaming early on in the month as well as the very promising Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas. For Parenthood fans that have been in agony over waiting for season 6 to arrive, your waiting will come to a sweet and welcomed end on December 30. Fans of Maron also have a reason to celebrate: Season 3 will be ready for your viewing pleasure December 28. You can see a full list of what’s coming to Netflix here. Discuss

Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings trilogy could have been approximately 1,000X more epic. In an interview with Newsweek, our generation’s finest actor and greatest movie star, Nicolas Cage, revealed that he was offered the role of Aragorn (which ended up going to Viggo Mortensen) in the franchise. Though he said he doesn’t live with regret (“regret is a waste of time”) he did say, “There certainly were movies that I probably would have benefited from if circumstances in my life allowed me to make them.” Cage said he was offered the role of Aragon, but, “There were different things going on in my life at the time that precluded me from being able to travel and be away from home for three years.” Middle Earth was just never the same. Discuss

Redditor CarlosDanger100 has decided to use his Photoshop ability for the ultimate worthy cause: Putting Nicolas Cage’s face on every character in the show Game of Thrones. Even if you are not a fan of the controversial HBO show, it’s still fun to look through the images and imagine Cage in the role he was born to play: Every role on TV and film that has ever existed ... Discuss

Through the collective power of many, mankind is capable of some amazing things. And now, thanks to this Kickstarter project, humanity may be able to achieve its most stunning accomplishment yet: a 21,646-square metered mosaic of Nicolas Cage. As the description of the Kickstarter campaign “Guinness Record Mosaic: Nicolas Cage’s Face” compellingly explains:

Imagine a world of peace created by a giant mosaic of Nicolas Cage face. That's the world I want to live in … After initially putting this campaign on Kickstarter as a joke between some friends, I received over $27,000 in pledges in just under a week. I decided to relaunch with an actual plan in place to make this thing happen … I think we all can agree that Nicolas Cage deserves to hold that record. What I'd like to do is get 180,000 unique photos to make up a Nicolas Cage mosaic and then see this dream become a reality.

Obviously, a plan this big does not come without a cost. With 27 days to go, campaign creator Thom Malone is still $30,000 short of his $52,000 goal, but with the amount of amazing backer-rewards he is offering, there’s no doubt that his goal is achievable. This is important stuff: “If aliens were to ever come to earth, they would need to know who our ambassador is. How best to show aliens that we want peace, but also not to mess with us than with a giant mosaic made up of a million faces to create one giant Nicolas Cage face?” It’s hard to argue with this logic ... Discuss

Really, the trailer says all there is to say: “Are you ready?" ... Discuss

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