Adobe has teamed with Photoshop guru Erik Johansson for this viral video prank in which unsuspecting commuters are put into nearby advertising posters while they wait at a bus stop. Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself in a bus stop ad sometime soon—Adobe will be taking the prank on the road, visiting several other cities this summer … Discuss

Proving once again that Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr was well-worth the $1.1 billion it paid the social blogging site, someone has created It is exactly what it sounds like … Discuss

Yesterday, we posted a story about Iranian state TV’s harsh words for the Academy Award’s Best Picture winner Argo. The Iranian news agency said the film was “anti-Iran”, “an advertisement for the CIA” and even called the movie’s production company “Zionist”. Well, along with the filmmaking of Ben Affleck, Iran is apparently also no fan of sleeveless evening gowns. While showing a clip from the Oscars ceremony, in which First Lady Michelle Obama announced the award live from the White House, the news agency Fars Photoshopped her dress to make it less revealing. According to Yahoo, her dress violated modesty codes enforced throughout many Muslim countries … Discuss

If you’re going to threaten the safety of the free world and strike terror in the hearts of your enemies by unveiling a new, state-of-the-art fighter jet, at least do a good job on the press photo. A savvy Iranian blogger pointed out that the image is most likely a quick copy-and-paste job. What’s even more embarrassing, though, is the claim by aviation experts that the Qahar 313 jet can’t even fly. This isn’t the first Photoshop scandal for the Iranian military. In 2008, it got busted for adding two missiles in a picture of a test launch. This time, it appears the jet was superimposed on top of a stock image of a mountain. (Nailed it!) You can view the evidence below … Discuss