This week we talk to pop-folk singer/songwriter Regina Spektor. She tells us about her latest album, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, and what it was like growing up in Russia. Author Jonathan Merritt also joins us to talk about "10 Things That Defined the Last Decade" (which he wrote about in the current issue of RELEVANT). Read More

Q&A With Regina Spektor

With a new album and a return to her long-lost homeland, the indie icon continues to keep things fresh. Read More

While people react differently, to the song's straightforward lyrics, Spektor herself says she finds it difficult to discuss the track because she realizes each listener has their own personal meaning attached to it. Read More

Seth tower Hurd recaps the music events of 2009—in Twitter form. Read More

Regina Spektor is like the Twitter version of Tori Amos. She captures the same endearing weirdness, but with more editing. Read More