How to Destroy an Apathetic Life

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YouTube Channel The Gift of Water has debuted this new video, unveiling the amazing “Drinkable Book,” an invention that could potentially save countless lives in the developing world. Each “book” contains 300 individual pages made from a groundbreaking type of paper that can filter water for 30 days. Because of the high-tech chemistry on each page—that also contain messages promoting the use of clean water—the books provide a cheap way to give a family clean water for nearly four years. You can find out more about how to support the project at ... Discuss

Meet Annmaire Richards, a woman in Jamaica who takes in street children and raises them in her own family. Richards says that she “saw herself” in the children who are “fearfully, and wonderfully made,” and her story is a powerful reminder of the average person’s capability to change the lives of those in need. The video was produced by GoBoka Play in partnership with the Make Life Better Foundation, who will donate a computer lab for the children’s education if the video receives 50,000 views by April 10. So, let’s all do our part and watch the video repeatedly for extra doses of inspiration from Annemarie ... Discuss

Here’s a look at an invention one group believes can change the lives of millions of people who don’t have easy access to clean water. The idea behind the WaterWheel is a simple one—inventors wanted to find a way for people in rural India to be able to easily and safely transport water. According to research from Wello, the social venture behind the invention that began working in India in 2011, women in remote parts of the country spend up to 25 percent of their day transporting water for their families. And currently, there are more than 1 billion people globally who must travel more than half a mile to reach a clean water source. With the aid of the WaterWheel, they can transport five times the amount of water that they can carry by hand, and travel much more quickly. The device even has a specially designed cap to prevent contamination. The group is currently seeking supporters to help make the WaterWheel available to more people throughout India ... Discuss

A few weeks ago, Chinese officials made international headlines when they announced that they would formally end the policy of “re-education through labor”, which force inmates to work long hours in factories under terrible conditions. But according to this report, many of the forced labor camps will remain open, and simply change their name to drug rehab centers. Though many inmates—whose crimes range from petitioning the government to being a part of banned religious groups—have been freed since the announcement, tens of thousands of drug offenders remained subject to forced labor. Most of them, have never received a trial. Human Rights Watch estimated that this year, about 60 percent of prisoners within China’s labor camp system were there because of crimes related to drugs. And though the prisons do technically have drug detox programs, the inmates are still forced to work in factories for up to 15 hours a day making products, some which are bound for the United States ... Discuss