Well, thanks to the Carolina Panthers’ loss last night, America’s third great awakening may just have to wait—at least according to Rick Joyner. Last week, the founder of MorningStar Ministries suggested in no uncertain terms that if the Carolina Panthers won the Super Bowl, the United States would experience “major moves of God” and “revival.” His reasoning is part of long story: Back in the late 1980s, he said, Bob Jones (as in, the founder of Bob Jones University) told Joyner that a group of black panthers (the animals) were inexplicably showing up around a downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, lumber yard. Then, in 1995, the city got an NFL franchise called the “Panthers”—with a stadium built on that same lumber yard. “So, we knew there was a prophetic destiny to this team,” Joyner explains in this clip. And, sure enough, Joyner says the ups and downs of the Carolina Panthers have often paralleled the ups and downs of the Church. Obviously, linking prophecy to professional sports isn’t exactly conventional in most church circles. But in this case, it seemed to line up: way back in the mid-'80s Bob Jones "foresaw" that the Kansas City Royals would win the World Series, apparently associating a Royals championship with spiritual blessing. It's no small fact to Joyner that Kansas City won the series again this last season. He said:

Well [the Royals winning the World Series] really got our attention. And we said, ‘OK now, if the Panthers win this year, we know. It’s all hands on deck.’ And we are going to see the outbreak of, I believe, the third great awakening in America.

Thanks a lot, Peyton. Discuss

Another Stephen King novel is headed to the big screen. Despite reports that an adaptation of his acclaimed novel The Stand was being shelved for now, Deadline is reporting that the prolific author’s 2014 novel, Revival, will become a movie. The film will be directed by noted King fan and Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone. The controversial story follows a preacher who walks away from his faith after his wife and child are killed in an accident. And, because this is a Stephen King novel, things start to get weird. From Deadline: “Unhinged from the religion that grounded and gave him a conscience, the preacher becomes ruthless in his experimentation into the healing but dangerous power of electrical current, positioning him to act as God-like faith healer and opening a terrifying Pandora’s Box.” Though no release date has been announced, Boone reportedly wants to make the film this year. Discuss

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