This week, Colony House joins us to talk about their upcoming album “Only the Lonely.” Also, author and pastor Rick Warren discusses how Christians can navigate these politically polarizing times. Cameron and Eddie recap their epic visit to an auction at Orlando’s “Holy Land Experience” theme park, we discuss the legacy of DJ Official, break down the latest update from Making a Murderer, find out why the Pope is throwing pizza parties and much more! Read More

This year, America’s most decorated athlete returns to the summer Olympics after years away from sports. But, despite all of his success (he’s already won 18 gold medals), Michael Phelps has had a rough few years. Not long after the London summer games in 2012 and his subsequent retirement, an image surfaced of Phelps smoking from a bong, and, not long after, he got a DUI—his second in a decade.

ESPN’s E60 recently made a short documentary about the period in Phelps’ life (just a heads up, it contains some censored strong language). As Phelps describes it, he actually became suicidal, believing his reputation was ruined and that he was prone to making major mistakes. But, after hearing from fellow athlete Ray Lewis—who, himself has comeback after facing serious legal troubles—Phelps decided to get his life back on track.

The story has some interesting moments, including Phelps reconciling with his parents and going to a behavioral rehab facility, but, one of the most notable elements is the role that Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life had in his comeback. Lewis gave him the best-selling Christian book, which turned his life around.

He explained:

It’s turned me into believing there is a power greater than myself and there is a purpose for me on this planet … It helped me when I was in a place where I needed the most help.

Lewis said that shortly after giving him the book, Phelps called him and said, “Man this book is crazy! The thing that’s going on…oh my gosh…my brain! I can’t thank you freaking enough, man. You saved my life.”

Not only did it help him restore the strained relationship with his father, but it’s also helped him on a road to a comeback: This year, Phelps returns to the Olympics as the most successful American athlete of all time. Discuss

The Answer Is Easter

What this season means on your toughest days

Five days after Easter in 2013, my 27-year-old son ended his own life. He battled mental illness since he was a child, and despite the best doctors, meds, therapy, prayers and love, he lost his battle for hope. The day Matthew gave in to despair was the worst day of my life. Our family was devastated.

Since then, I’ve often been asked, “How have you made it? How have you kept going in your pain?” And I’ve often replied, “The answer is Easter.” Read More

Saddleback Church pastor and author Rick Warren issued the opening statement at the Senate’s hearing on Global Health Problems this week. Warren not only provided biblical support for continuing to provide assistance for people in need around the world, he also explained why he believed it could lead to greater peace in the future:

It’s far more cost effective, far cheaper, for Americans to send medicine to make friends now, than to send troops to fight enemies later. Medicines cost less than tanks.

Warren also encouraged continued partnerships between the faith community and the public and private sectors to fight poverty and provide international medical assistance: “The Church invented the hospital. And if we’re going to absolutely eradicate these diseases, we’ve got to do a combination of the public sector, the private sector and the faith sector: The three legs of the stool” ... Discuss

This Sunday, Saddleback Church pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren was invited to deliver the final sermon at Seattle’s Mars Hill Church. You can watch the message, which was delivered via video, below. Mars Hill recently announced that after 18 years of ministry, all of its satellite churches would either operate separately or dissolve completely. The move comes after a team of elders confronted lead pastor Mark Driscoll over a series of allegations involving the mistreatment of members of the congregation, plagiarism, the use of church funds to prop up book sales and other accusations of improper behavior. Driscoll resigned in October.

On their website, the church posted a message that read, “As we close the doors on Mars Hill Church, and consider the evidence of God’s grace shown to us over the years, words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for the people of Mars Hill and our Global Family who have served tirelessly, prayed continually, and given sacrificially to support Jesus’ mission through Mars Hill Church ... making disciples and planting churches" ... Discuss

Just weeks after a group of Cardinals ended a contentious gathering to discuss the Catholic Church’s views on family issues like divorce, co-habitation and same-sex relationships, the Vatican will host another marriage-themed summit. Leaders from across the religious spectrum—including pastor Rick Warren, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission head Russell Moore, a senior leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the former chief rabbi of Great Britain, the Muslim president of the Tawasul Cultural Center in Egypt, World Sikh Council’s Manmohan Singh, Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright and about two dozen others—will meet for two days later this month at the “International Interreligious Colloquium on The Complementarity of Man and Woman.”

According to RNS, the idea is for the Vatican to “seek common ground with religious leaders” on the issues that have caused some division among Catholic officials. The meetings organizers say their goal is to "examine and propose anew the beauty of the relationship between the man and the woman, in order to support and reinvigorate marriage and family life for the flourishing of human society” ... Discuss