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As this satellite image from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration clearly shows, our nation’s capital was the target of a massive shark-shaped weather pattern this week—a real-life sharknado. We may never know how Washington DC and U.S. officials actually survived the sharknado, but it’s safe to assume that Nicolas Cage was somehow involved in personally intervening to keep the president safe ... Discuss

Look out Peter Jackson, there’s a new trilogy about to conquer Hollywood. The makers of Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One, have announced that the (possible) final chapter is now in the works. And even though the film will be made-for-TV and air on the SyFy network, it will inevitably be the cause of a major financial blow to several competing studios who are unfortunate enough to also be releasing big budget features in the summer of 2015 like Batman vs. Superman, Jurassic Park IV, Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2, Star Wars Episode VII and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Sorry Hollywood, if there’s anything we’ve learned from the first two films, it’s that nothing can stand in the way of a Sharknado ... Discuss

Hoping to capitalize on the social media frenzy that is Sharknado, Regal Entertainment will be showing the SyFy Channel’s instant classic on the big screen on Aug. 2. And, for the first time ever, it sounds like they’ll actually be encouraging people to use their smart phones during the movie. In a statement, a Regal spokesperson said that the theater chain is “proud to be giving our guests this chance to fuel the social media whirlwind by inviting friends to come to the show and tweeting reactions.” On the surface, this sounds like a decent idea, but something about trying to manufacture a spontaneous Twitter event for a second time, seems a little fishy. It’s very possible that Sharknado is about to jump the shark … Discuss

This week we talk to writer Tim Siedell - better known on Twitter as @badbanana. Tim is one of the funniest people on Twitter, having been put on the "must follow" list by the likes of Paste and MSNBC. We also spotlight up and coming Pop/R&B band, Haim, find out why Cameron had to take a court-ordered motorcycle class and discuss how Sharknado is bringing our country together. Read More

Sharknado, the SyFy Channel film that recently took the Internet by storm (see what we did there?), is getting the most well-deserved sequel in the history of movies about shark-filled tornados. The movie, which is from the same filmmaker of classics like Mutant Vampire Zombies From the 'Hood!, was responsible for nearly 5,000 tweets per minute when it aired on Thursday night. Though there are currently few details about the plot of the sequel, screenwriter Thunder Levin told Mashable he has received several fan-suggestions. His favorite? SnailQuakeDiscuss