According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is adapting Jeremy Schaap’s Jesse Owens biography, Triumph, for the big screen with the help of The King’s Speech screenwriter David Seidler. The book tells the story of how Owens rose from a poor childhood to become a track star, eventually winning four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and becoming an American hero. In the process of dominating the Summer Games, Owens defeated the athletes from Nazi Germany, proving that Hitler’s ideas about Aryan superiority were completely insane ... Discuss

A crippled cruise ship that has been stranded for days in the Gulf of Mexico with limited running water and electricity is expected to finally return to dry land today. Conditions on Carnival’s Triumph are reportedly nightmarish: raw sewage spilling into hallways, three-hour lines for food, a lack of air conditioning forcing passengers to sleep on the deck. In a display of common sense and basic human decency, Carnival announced it has canceled upcoming voyages of the vessel and will provide transportation, a full refund and $500 in compensation for passengers once the boat makes it to Mobile, Ala. … Discuss