Gas up your hippie van and breakout the tie-dyed tank tops, because The Grateful Dead is about to make a comeback—sort of. The legendary jam band has some unlikely fans in some of indie rock's biggest groups, and now, several of them are working on a tribute to Jerry Garcia's rock outfit. In an interview with, the guys in The National admitted that they are proud Deadheads, and have begun organizing a Grateful Dead tribute album, with proceeds benefiting the non-profit Red Hot Organization (a charity that fights AIDS). They said that so far, a handful of other artists, including Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver and Kurt Vile have signed on to contribute Dead covers for the album, which is expected to be released sometime in 2014 … Discuss

This week we talk to one of the hottest bands currently making music, Vampire Weekend. After releasing their new album Modern Vampires of the City, performing on SNL, and gracing the cover of the new RELEVANT Magazine, the band is making their first appearance on our podcast (and we couldn't be happier)! Read More

This week we talk to the eclectic pop-funk band Fitz & the Tantrums. The band has just released their second album, More Than Just a Dream, a soul-influenced gem that deserves to become an instant staple in your summer music lineup. If you're not already familiar, you're going to love these guys! We also go inside the brand new issue of RELEVANT, which features none other than Vampire Weekend on the cover (you can check it out here). Read More

Summer is an odd time of year. If you’re in school, it’s when you aren’t. If you’re in the real world, it’s when you downshift a bit, vacation and do the things you won’t be able to once life gets back to normal and TV shows come back in the fall.

It’s the in-between season of every year. Some people waste their summers, while others seize them and make life-long memories. So it’s probably appropriate that in this, our summer issue, we have a few stories that tackle the idea of wrestling with the in-between. Read More

Faith, Doubt and Vampire Weekend

One of our generation's favorite bands asks the big questions. Read More