According to a new report on global wealth by the group Credit Suisse, if you have $3,650, you are among the wealthiest half of the people on the planet. As the Telegraph notes, “This is net wealth—so, once debts have been subtracted.” Their research found that though global wealth has grown at a record pace over the last year—by 8.3%, totaling $263 trillion—most of it is in the hands of a very select few. Half of the entire population (more than 3 billion people) own less than 1% of all the global wealth. The top 1%, those who have at least $798,000, owns 48.2% of all of the planet’s money. The problem of income inequality grew worse in 23 countries in the last year alone ... Discuss

These fascinating infographs, created based on a study from, show the average incomes of the 16 major personality types based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Along with stats about how the four top-level categories breakdown into the overall population (Guardians make up the most, at 46.6% of the U.S., followed by Artisans (27%), Idealists (16.4%) and Rationalists (10.3%), the research also examined how the different personalities fared in terms of earnings. Far and away, the highest earning personality turned out to be extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judgmental Rationalist, who had an average household income of more than $80,000 a year. You go can here to see more from the study, and here to take the personality test for yourself … Discuss

CNN Money recently compiled this list of the hardest working countries in the world by examining data about how many hours citizens work annually on average, and what the average annual wage is. If you live in America, this list should give you some perspective.

Mexico topped the list, with employees working an average of 2,317 hours a year, making less than $10,000. People in Chile (whose average annual wage is $15,820), Korea ($35,406), Estonia ($17,323), Russia ($15,286) and Poland ($20,069) all work more hours than people in the United States do and earn considerably less. In the U.S. (which was the seventh hardest working country in the world), workers put in about 1,800 hours per year and average $54,000 a year in income … Discuss

It’s not uncommon for certain hip-hop stars to brag about how much money they have, but according to Bloomberg Businessweek, most of them are totally lying. This funny infograph (warning, a few of the lyrics referenced contain profanities) compares actual song lyrics making bold claims about personal income to actual personal income. The biggest offender? Pitbull, who claims to “make dollars, I mean billions,” made just under $10 million last year. That’s still pretty successful, but unless his career lasts for 100 years, he probably won’t make it into the billion-dollar category … Discuss

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