Alive With Worship (The Remixes)

About the Artist

Heir is the collaborative work of Becky Green and Pete Coggan, both singer/songwriters from Bath and London respectively and follow on from their recent debut project Years, are back, this time with a beautiful, dreamy remix of the Newday anthem ‘Alive With Worship’. This remix is part of a collaboration between Newday and a host of international musicians and producers all known for their uniquely creative sounds.

Speaking on the project, Pete Coggan said that “the ability to move people emotionally inspires me to create. The idea that we are able to somewhat inspire, heal, challenge the listener through music is such an exciting prospect and will keep me creating for years & years to come.”

Simon Brading who co-wrote the song with Jotham Oakley said the project “We want to write songs for church and equip worship leaders with fresh, new songs. The local church is totally in the heart of our writing.”

Although the full lineup of producers working on the project are still to be revealed, the intentions are for this to be far more than just a ‘dance’ worship record. Currently poised for a mid-May release, the remixes first receive a staggered stream-only release through Newday’s website, later to be sold on all digital platforms and streaming services.

Beginning with Chris Howland’s tropical house remix, followed by UK, future bass artist Geek Boy, and now Heir, the record will cover genres such as hip-hop, ambient, indie, disco, trap and more. Released alongside the first track, Newday made the remix stems freely available to everyone via their website, resourcing everyone with the elements needed to create their own reworkings in bid to encourage people to be “creators and not just consumers”.

1. Alive With Worship (Heir Remix) (3:58)