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Rivers & Robots are an indie worship band from Manchester UK. With two albums released as a bedroom solo project, All Things New is the third release and the first album as a 4 piece band, recorded in an old English stately home. The band combines Biblical, Jesus-centered lyrics with musical creativity and elements of electronic, rock and acoustic music.

Rivers & Robots is Jonathan Ogden (vocals, keys, guitar), David Hailes (guitar, vocals), Nathan Stirling (bass, vocals) and Kelani Koyejo (drums, vocals).

(Bio provided by the artist)

1. We Have Overcome (4:24)
2. Perfect Love (4:38)
3. White As Snow (3:18)
4. Fall Down (4:32)
5. Arise (4:30)
6. You Hear Me (4:59)
7. In The Family (4:39)
8. Keep My Fire Burning (3:47)
9. Shepherd Of My Soul (5:46)
10. Light Will Dawn (3:31)
11. Voice That Stills The Raging Sea (6:22)


Pablo Coronel


Pablo Coronel commented…

Everyone should listen to this album!

Michael McGlynn


Michael McGlynn commented…

I love this album, listend to it none stop since I bought it!

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