About the Artist

SVVN is an ambient artist from Nashville, TN. Rich textures, sweeping melodies, and powerful drum line rudiments construct seamless movements of stirring music, all inspired by producer and composer Jeremiah Dunlap’s journey across Iceland. SVVN’s thoroughly crafted elements ranging from organic field recordings to analog synthesizers create a cinematic musical experience unlike any other.

1. Ísafjörður pt. I Come Through (3:19)
2. Ísafjörður pt. II The Citadel Sleeps (3:10)
3. Hveragerði Fever in the Fold (4:35)
4. Ólafsvík You Bloom In Black and Blue (4:2)
5. Sandgerði When the Dam Won't Break (3:49)
6. Garðabær Big Beautiful World (5:0)

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David Gubbins


David Gubbins commented…

Been playing this on repeat for 2 days...