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Sus Long left Oakland, CA in 2013 (and folk-duo Kit Carson, a collaboration with Ian James Walters) to move to Durham, North Carolina. That same year, she met bass and banjo player Michael Conner and the two started meeting up to play Ramones covers and bluegrass standards. The friends kept making friends with musical friends and this bluesy folk band has grown to include guitarist Danny Nowell, singer Alex Treyz, and drummer Dave Berka.

Long has been writing and recording music for a decade, drawing influence from the lyrical dexterity of Patty Griffin, the musical arrangements of Sufjan Stevens, and the vocal originality of artists like Billie Holiday and Freddie Mercury. As a singer/songwriter, Long's subject matter is informed by novels and poems, morning news and late-night theology, and the stories of the people around her.

Hardworker's first EP, The Awful Rowing, is a collection of five songs written by Long and recorded with Conner and Treyz in Greensboro at the studio of the talented-and-true David Wimbish (The Collection).

1. Born Homesick (3:26)
2. Moriah (3:49)
3. The Apathy Hymn (3:23)
4. Darkroom Lullaby (3:5)
5. The Awful Rowing (4:27)

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