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Ghost Ship is a deeply-rooted Americana folk band with a church-centered focus. With influences from Savannah, to Stillwater, to the band’s birthplace of Seattle in 2008, Ghost Ship’s sound has maintained its southern charm while including aspects of pop influences. Their well-received debut album The Good King, along with EPs A River With No End and Ghost Ship Live, were released through Mars Hill Music. Mars Hill Church dissolved at the end of 2014, but Ghost Ship continues to do what they've always felt called to do: lead worship and write music that points to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Huxford says that one of the big lessons he learned from the fall of Mars Hill is that "organizations and leaders rise and fall, but Jesus' church will continue forever."

Following Ghost Ship’s debut full-length, The Good King, comes their sophomore album Costly (BEC Recordings). The record was written for their congregation, as all of Ghost Ship’s music is. “Our ‘Poison Tree’ EP was written in a church that used to be a night club, so the sound is definitely more Rock. The Good King, our first full length, was written for the cathedral we worshiped in… we swung more ambient, lush, spacey, and textural because of the vocally driven space. Now we have Costly, which was pretty much created to see the congregation dance.” “So with this second record,” explains the band’s lead, Cam Huxford, “we experimented with putting heavy hitting beats behind what we will always do—Folk Americana.”

Lyrically, Costly acts as a project attempting to expose, as best it can, the reality of God’s love. “If we could tell someone one thing about God’s love in a line…what would it be? Well, it’s costly. God’s love is the most costly thing in the universe, because it cost God’s own life,” explains Huxford. “We want to acknowledge that we’re just reaching for ways to show how costly God’s love is. We’ll always fall short, and hopefully that just shows how big He is. Something that big is impossible to describe.”

The record, written over the entire two years since the last record debuted, is a more personal project than ones prior. Created during two very difficult years for Huxford’s immediate family and his church family, the songs mirror Huxford’s devotional time with God. “These songs were coming out of personal hardship and conversations with God about those hardships. In confusing times, I’d think, ‘Man I don’t know a lot about God… but I know He loves me.’ It always came back to that.”

With most songs beginning and ending in that posture, and with this album being more collaborative and gradual than their first, expect to hear heavy hitting folk worship, and that Jesus loves you.

1. Invitation (3:53)
2. Adoption (4:21)
3. Scarlet (3:58)
4. Look What God Has Done (4:30)
5. Heavy as the Sea (4:17)
6. When I Survey (Jesus Saves) (4:32)
7. Peace (5:15)
8. Provide (4:20)
9. The Way (3:38)
10. Fear and Love (3:50)
11. You Loved Us First (4:5)
12. Poverty Nor Riches (4:54)
13. The Revelation of Jesus Christ (3:48)
14. Hesed (6:12)


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