About the Artist

After meeting to discuss the music of separate bands and realizing a shared faith and a drive to create meaningful music, Cory Nelson and Alan Thomas decided to start writing music together as Canopy Climbers.

The pair loves creating music. "My desire is that we can display the glory of God through music," Nelson says.

Deep, personal lyrics paint a picture of God's sovereignty in loss and a hope in Christ that leads to movement in the duo's debut album, Distances. "We go, serve, and love because of who God is and what Christ has done for us," Nelson says.

1. Far (4:8)
2. Lazarus (4:13)
3. Break (4:34)
4. Over (3:28)
5. Choke (3:25)
6. Chose (1:28)
7. Painting (4:16)
8. Follow (1:14)
9. Crummy (3:17)
10. Robbers (3:2)
11. Rope (4:37)
12. Release (1:13)
13. Mute (4:51)
14. Key (6:6)