About the Artist

Vocal Few are an American folk pop husband and wife duo, consisting of Matt and Kristie MacDonald, from Seattle, Washington. Vocal Few, a side project to Matt MacDonald's band, The Classic Crime, begun as a 'pre-baby bucket list' item for the couple before the birth of their first daughter, Praise MacDonald. Their first EP, She'll Be Right, was released in January 2012, one month after Praise was born. Their second EP, Tall Trees, was released in May 2013 shortly after finding out they were pregnant with their second daughter, Piper MacDonald. Their love for making music together expanded beyond the inspiration of their offspring - their third EP, titled The Dream Alive is available via BC Music today, with no new babies on the way.

1. The Corner Dwellers (4:3)
2. Time (4:27)
3. Take Me Back Again (4:15)
4. The Dream Alive (3:9)
5. You've Been Written (3:39)
6. Blue (3:50)


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