About the Artist

In his first solo outing, Ben Wolverton delivers an atmospheric set of songs that blend the best of insightful singer/songwriter observations with soaring guitars and immediately catchy melodies. It’s a different sonic approach for the lead guitarist of the well-received band, Tweito, but one that he enjoyed crafting with Seth Ely, Tweito’s drummer and recording engineer.

“For me it’s been an amazing gift to have such a great team of musicians and friends contribute to the project, and I think you can hear it in the songs. My hope is that these songs help people feel the connection that God wants to have with us all and the hope we have that this world is not our permanent home.”

1. Eden (4:22)
2. Everything I Am (4:12)
3. See the World (3:8)
4. The Lord Our God (3:24)
5. Freedom (4:0)