About the Artist

Catch The Fire, a world renowned ministry has just released their newest album Everything Comes Alive at their September conference. It is an exceptional production where the lyrics and instruments intertwine beautifully to create a sound which causes people to stop and listen, and then praise. The album features songs written by several of Catch The Fire’s own worship leaders.

This album is a declaration of the fruit that is experienced when we allow the Father to “Breathe On Us,” as one track states. Similarly, “The Simple Truth” is that we are His, and we are loved by Him. Our worship is a natural response as our hearts fall more deeply in love with God. Finally, as we encounter the King, we fall to our knees, our hearts are set free and “Everything Comes Alive!”

Written from a place of reminisce and thankfulness, the tracks carry a common theme of unrestrained openness and praise. These songs will provoke your passion and awaken your senses to worship unashamedly. Everything Comes Alive testifies to the unconditional love and promise that God speaks over us in Romans 8:39 - neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord (NIV).

Catch The Fire Toronto is a thriving local church with an incredible worldwide impact. This congregation is a community of people that are passionately pursuing the presence of God every week. They are living testimonies to the kindness of God and are continually experiencing His power at work.

1. Let Praise Break Forth (6:25)
2. Freedom Songs (4:29)
3. You Make A Way (5:47)
4. I Choose Devotion (5:16)
5. You Shall Reign (5:32)
6. Here Is Our King (5:15)
7. We Love You (6:12)
8. Breathe On Us (6:35)
9. The Simple Truth (4:41)
10. Everything Comes Alive (4:43)


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