About the Artist

Milwaukee-by-way-of-Texas sisters Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela started playing music together riding in the back seat of their dad’s car singing along to songs like “The Spirit of Radio” or “Walking On The Moon." They were only 7 and 5 years old at the time, but something must have stuck. They picked up the guitar and bass at age 11 and haven’t looked back.

Love of Mine, the band’s first full length album, is a cooperative effort by the sisters. While both sisters share vocal duty, the lead melody usually goes to whichever sister wrote the larger bulk of the song–though it can be hard to tell them apart.

Written throughout 2012, the band settled into a cabin in Door County, Wisconsin to add the finishing touches. With the record written the trio traveled to San Diego, CA to meet up with friend and engineer Benjamin Leon to record. The first few weeks of January went by quickly and Love of Mine was ready to step out of the garage into the Californian sun. With Love of Mine Vic and Gab hope listeners are reminded that love is never evil, despite the sometimes gory details.

1. Love Of Mine (4:1)
2. Call Me When You Can Be You (2:55)
3. Crazy Love (4:5)
4. Trying To Love You (4:8)
5. Track Let You Down (4:5)
6. Come And Stay (3:44)
7. Why'd You Go Away (3:42)
8. Loud (4:13)
9. When You Walk Into The Room (4:4)
10. What I Want (3:31)