About the Artist

Luminous CITY is a collective of musicians, songwriters, and worshipers from Rolling Hills Community Church and Music City. The modern sacred collection of new and re-imagined songs represents more than a year of work.

"The arts are a sacred invitation to connect and commune with our Creator,” reflects Chad Jarnagin, Luminous CITY songwriter/collaborator. “It is our mission to create art that draws people into intimacy with God, and we are humbled to have our faith family come around us and generously give to make this happen.”

1. Intro (1:15)
2. Your Love Moves (5:0)
3. Kingdom Come (6:45)
4. He Is Exalted (5:3)
5. Psalm 23 (5:20)
6. The Silence (5:43)
7. Interlude (1:36)
8. Doxology (2:8)
9. Stand Tall (3:39)