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This beautiful new 15-song album, Monarch, is ruminating and warm, with strings and pianos carrying forward Zach Winters' unique brand of folk.

In 2015, Winters has been joining Josh Garrels on tour around the country, and this summer he is currently on tour across the South, up the East Coast, and back through the Midwest. He has had the honor to sing for Syrian refugees, laboring mothers, orphans in Mexico, and his friends, neighbors and family. He & his family reside on the Great Plains.

1. Fernweh (Shore) (1:50)
2. Snow (4:7)
3. These Are the Days (4:27)
4. Eight Long Months (3:37)
5. City (2:42)
6. Apology (3:28)
7. I Used to Think (4:28)
8. Monarch (5:56)
9. Morning Dove (5:17)
10. Time, My Tether (4:9)
11. Meant (4:19)
12. No Answers (5:45)
13. Deep Deep (2:58)
14. Tonight (3:24)
15. Heimweh (1:47)

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Alexandre Santos Bomfim


Alexandre Santos Bomfim commented…

Wonderful Songs for meditation....

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