About the Artist

If you were to peel back all the layers of skin you would find the bare bones of one's core. Mark and Sarah Tillman's debut full length album, "In My Bones" is just that, the revealing of their hearts core through an honest, eclectic, and authentic expression of alternative worship. Each song is another bone that builds a body of art, therefore creating a skeleton of songs that bleeds and sings of their creative union with God.

Teamed up with producer Elijah Mosely and the rest of the Threshingfloor Audio crew, Mark and Sarah have crafted 10 original songs that beautifully capture a transparent journey and compelling conversations of response towards the Lord. 

Mark and Sarah are currently based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

1. Fragrance (4:18)
2. Crash Into My Being (3:38)
3. Atmosphere (4:41)
4. Hard But Beautiful (3:59)
5. Love Is Coming (4:35)
6. Can't Stop Myself (5:36)
7. In My Bones (3:24)
8. Daisies, Roses, Dandelions (4:2)
9. Recover (4:8)
10. Sing My Spirit (4:25)


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