About the Artist

"My Last Prayer" is one of those songs that truly tumbled out of me. I'm pretty sure any songwriter can relate to this... that every once in awhile, there's a song that comes along almost by magic.

In the summer of 2013, I was at a songwriting camp in the mountains of North Carolina (called the Swannanoa Gathering). I had just finished lunch, and I felt this sudden urge to sit down on a rock wall and write. I didn't really have a melody or a solid idea on lyrics. I just knew that I needed to write something at that moment.

And that's when the song tumbled out - both the lyrics and the melody at the exact same time. It didn't hit me then, but after looking over the lyrics later, I realized that what I had composed was a prayer.

When I lost my dad in January of 2011, I struggled a lot with my faith. I have always considered myself a spiritual person, but I truly didn't know what or who or how to believe in anything anymore. The "father" I am referring to in "My Last Prayer" is both my own biological father as well as God. It's hard to say if this will truly be my last prayer, but it was a song that I needed to write, and I will never forget the magic.

1. My Last Prayer (2:55)