About the Artist

Jacob Montague is a producer and multi-instrumentalist by day (Branches), and folk-tronic composer by night. His cinematic compositions weave a musical landscape composed of big beats, plucked strings, minimal patterns within grand combinations, and honest ethereal sounds. His arrangements live primarily in an instrumental narrative, but there are occasional lyrical moments of vulnerability and layers of vocal textures found throughout.

When not writing and producing out of his studio in San Francisco, Jacob can most likely be found at the burrito shop on the corner, enjoying San Francisco’s finest iced coffee, or wandering around the foggy avenues, whistling to himself.

1. Dye-Dusty Wings (1:51)
2. Looking (2:37)
3. North Wind, Part One (2:29)
4. Something French (2:21)
5. You Were All I Saw (3:45)
6. Memories To Come (2:10)
7. Train Tracks (2:40)
8. March of Spring (2:24)
9. North Wind, Part Two (2:8)
10. When All We Have Is This (3:42)
11. Then We Deserve Oblivion (2:53)

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