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The Devious Means’ stage presence is dynamic and unrelentingly personable. Add in the fact that they make music that’s both sharply conscious and that you can – at some points simply must – move to, and you get a potent mixture.

Though you’d be hard-pressed to find another indie-rock sound they’re holistically comparable to, their songs bring forth elements from across the spectrum. A thrashingly upbeat...sound melding into contemplative indie-rock that preserves an engaging beat even during more ostensibly low-key moments, when the heady lyrics bandied between Christopher Faris (vocals, guitar) and Rachel Anderson (vocals, keyboard) take center stage.

Their look is a nod to times gone by: three-piece suits, ties, slicked back hair, while Rachel dons a black shift dress with a white petal collar. Their dapper aesthetic is a delightful contrast to their raucous sound.

1. Tell Me, Mama (3:46)
2. Get Right (4:15)
3. Rusty Little Scissors (3:29)
4. Tearing Down the Walls (5:1)
5. Holiday (2:54)
6. Routines (2:52)
7. Boomerang (4:53)
8. Blood in the Body (4:18)
9. I'm Gonna Live Again (2:54)
10. Head Hung Low (4:54)


Matthew Nakatani-Brown


Matthew Nakatani-Brown commented…

Heard them for the first time just now. So good. So, so good.

Andy McCraw


Andy McCraw replied to Matthew Nakatani-Brown's comment

Cool! Glad you're enjoying the songs. Thanks for listening!

craig morton


craig morton commented…

This music completing destroyed my concentration on my homework. But now I'm bouncing while I'm doing house work.

Tara Tighe Villarreal


Tara Tighe Villarreal commented…

I do so love this! Thanks to Relevant for sharing such awesome music!



RameyLady commented…

This is a great album. What a discovery.

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