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Known for their explosive stage performances and unique sound, and beloved by their fans across the country, the Nashville-based trio Dinner and a Suit is a darling of Internet critics and a favorite on the Warped Tour. With an indie pedigree like theirs, many musicians would play it safe. But instead, South Jersey natives Joey Beretta, Jon Capeci and Anthony Genca have boldly released Since Our Departure, their most ambitious work to date.

Universal themes of forgiveness and hope, love and loss and discovering your place in the world fill Since Our Departure. The songs resonate deeply with the human needs we all have. Our hopes and dreams are all represented here in glorious fashion.

Jon and Joey are cousins and grew up hearing the story of their great grandmother, the daughter of Italian immigrants, who worked at a factory making suits during the Depression and World War II. When suits were damaged and couldn't be sold, the factory would discard them. The family's matriarch got the idea to salvage the clothing, repair it and give it to needy people in her community—pastors and missionaries or friends and family looking for work. Visitors would leave her home with bellies full of pasta and a suit tailored just for them—Dinner And A Suit.

Following this family legacy, Dinner and a Suit has committed to donating 10 percent of the album’s profits to different social action nonprofits. As Joey explains, "We are thankful to come from families with a legacy of generosity and we’re as committed to continuing that legacy as we are to anything else."

1. 1 Love Is Risky (3:12)
2. 2 Too Late (3:34)
3. 3 Looking Forward (3:31)
4. 4 Where We Started (3:12)
5. 5 Let Everyone Who Has A Voice, Sing (1:4)
6. 6 New Year (3:42)
7. 7 It's Not Over (3:55)
8. 8 Sense And Senses (3:17)
9. 9 Waking Or Sleeping (2:19)
10. 10 Seeing Clearly (3:41)




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