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Tampa Florida’s Preson Phillips has been called a refreshing change from mainstream worship music who’s songs recall the wide-eyed fervor of the early 70‘s Jesus music artists.

Previously finding a home on Come&Live Records from 2008-2011, and regularly releasing folk-tinged worship music through the free music label, singer / songwriter / pastor Preson Phillips returns after a three year hiatus with a brand new album, continuing his unique take on folk-influenced worship, but this time with an edgier rock spin.

The music that he and the band records has a purpose: to be sung in corporate worship at the church in Tampa, Watermark, of which Preson is the lead pastor. With hymn-like lyrics and songs that are seemingly genre bending and timeless, the story of a world destroyed by sin and being set to rights by a self sacrificing savior ring deafeningly loud and call the listener to ponder their place in the story of God's world.

With Tim McTague of Underoath fame once again handling the recording, producing as well as lead guitar duties, listeners of In Our Winters can expect an americana influenced sound ranging from folk, to alt/country, to 90's grunge, and should expect a real, almost personal, connection with the emotions and ancient spirituality of the music of Preson Phillips.

1. Wayfaring Stranger (5:13)
2. Open Seas (4:7)
3. Come Down Father (4:23)
4. Lift Up The Gates (4:16)
5. In Our Winters (5:20)
6. Rising Like A Song (6:16)
7. Lamb Of God (4:26)
8. Deuteronomy Six (4:11)
9. Behold The Architect (4:51)
10. The Riverbed (4:19)
11. Open For Me (4:26)
12. Wayfaring Stranger (live acoustic) (4:3)
13. Come Down Father (live acoustic) (4:7)
14. Behold The Architect (live acoustic) (4:47)
15. In Our Winters (live acoustic) (5:7)
16. Let Me Walk (3:21)


Secret Agent Man


Secret Agent Man commented…

First time hearing this band. I really like this album! Thanks for sharing!

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