About the Artist

This January, Courier (pseudonym for Nashville singer-songwriter Blake Mundell) releases his 13-song LP The Present Tense. In the single-driven world of pop music, Courier dares to return to the concept record with a unique perspective: by writing songs about the lives of his 13 closest friends. With influences ranging from Mat Kearney to Paul Simon to Bieber (yes, that Bieber), Courier gives listeners a glimpse into his community, and indirectly, into his own life, with a collection of songs that is as eclectic as the group of friends it's fashioned after.

A graduate of the Belmont Songwriting program, Blake studied under the tutelage of seasoned writers like Tom Douglas, James Elliot, and Thom Schuyler. He brings his experience as a thoughtful songwriter into the pop world in a way that moves head, heart, and feet.

1. The Present Tense (3:26)
2. Neverland (3:23)
3. San Francisco (Feat. Sidney Rudder & Josh Gabbard) (3:31)
4. Blacklist (Feat. Rebecca Roubion) (4:7)
5. Black Panther (2:57)
6. Gonna Get Outta Here (4:4)
7. La Calle (3:21)
8. Go With Me (3:24)
9. The Bleeding Heart of America (4:26)
10. Still Alive (3:40)
11. It Isn't Over (3:39)
12. Familiar Arms (4:3)
13. Clean (3:59)


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