About the Artist

Naomi Marie is a home-grown songwriter from the heart of the Midwest. Starting her music endeavors as an enthused local contributor, she has developed a broad catalog of rich, authentic songs to be discovered.  

Her first E.P., Four Miles to Story City was released in Minneapolis, March of 2011. Shortly thereafter, she transplanted to a quiet lakefront town in South East Wisconsin. Tending to the landscape of life’s transition, she grew into the new sounds and songwriting structures of her debut full length album and most recent release, Primary Colors which is available now.

1. Without You (3:0)
2. Autmn (4:47)
3. Let Me Go (3:52)
4. Let the Light In (4:36)
5. Gold Finches (3:47)
6. Give Up (4:50)
7. On My Honor (5:23)
8. Carpe Diem (4:52)
9. Amazing Grace (5:6)
10. Weeping Willow (4:20)
11. Winter's End (4:37)
12. Again (3:15)
13. Hidden (4:35)


Skies Fall


Skies Fall commented…

Loving this record...rich texture and great storytelling.

Dillon Nickell


Dillon Nickell commented…

Super real, super good! Get it!

Lindsay Ingraham


Lindsay Ingraham commented…

Love this album and love Naomi's voice!

Paul Millar


Paul Millar commented…

Beautiful. Winter's End is compelling.

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