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Chris & Bethany Solyntjes are husband and wife worship leaders out of Renew Communities in Cleveland, Ohio. What started as writing and leading worship at Grace College in northern Indiana, turned into a marriage and lifelong commitment to show people the love and faithfulness of a God who is always near.

Produced by Robbie Seay, REFUGE is the culmination of the past 2 years of writing and recording what they felt God was doing in and through their local church in Cleveland.

“A theme we felt we were hearing throughout this process is how life sometimes doesn't make sense. There's pain, suffering, and unanswered questions but there are things that we know are true about God. He's a good and faithful God. He loves us. He is near to us. Because we know these things are true, our hearts and souls are drawn closer to him and we can fully trust in him.” - Chris & Bethany

1. Refuge (5:16)
2. Pour Out Your Spirit (5:16)
3. Give Me Your Heart (5:35)
4. Still (4:39)
5. Desperate (4:56)
6. A Light That Shines (4:52)
7. You Are My Song (5:49)
8. Be Free (4:7)
9. Living Water (4:19)
10. Kindness (4:39)

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Elizabeth Waters


Elizabeth Waters commented…

This is awesome. Thanks for always having open ears to new artists! So much authenticity in this worship. Love, love it.