The Songs The Season Brings - Vol. 3

About the Artist

Beta Radio’s haunting Americana sound lingers in your ear long after the song has ended. That’s exactly what the duo of Ben Mabry and Brent Holloman are after – lyrics, melodies, undercurrents and emotive themes that stick with listeners, drawing them back for another listen, then another, each time discovering a new layer of complexity. With their tender lyrics and deceivingly complex arrangements, Beta Radio is able to accomplish just that, making for a sound that is simultaneously familiar and new.

The duo met more than a decade ago and immediately formed a musical kinship. At a time when many of their peers were immersed in Nu-Metal and Pop punk genres, Mabry and Holloman were writing folk songs, using traditional arrangements to frame their simple exercises in lyric and musical sensibilities. Taking diverse inspiration from the music of many eras – Simon and Garfunkel, Pearl Jam, Eagles and Johnny Cash, they continued their sonic explorations. In college, Mabry discovered Sufjan Stevens and Nick Drake, both of whom helped push his lyrics and ear for melody to new places. For Holloman, modern acts like Wilco and Iron and Wine opened doors to unexplored sounds and arrangements.

Beta Radio’s third holiday Ep, The Songs the Season Brings, Vol. 3 is available now.

1. Carol of the Banjos (1:28)
2. Coventry Carol / King Without a Mountain (4:40)
3. Once This Year (7:5)