About the Artist

Much like the earthly element from which they draw their name, the music of Songs of Water ebbs and flows, pulsing with life, beauty and energy. Building on a solid foundation of sophisticated, instrumental prowess and poetic lyricism, the band paints sweeping cinematic compositions with deft proficiency and a delicate hand.

Stars and Dust is a profound display of symmetry and a testimony to the reward of artistic precision, having taken nearly three years to complete. It boasts an expansive sonic palette ranging from the traditional guitar/drums/bass format to a full classical wind and string section and an array of surprising instruments.

Luke Skaggs (son of bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs), Stephen Roach (cousin to the flat-picking guitar great Tony Rice) and their compatriots wielded their sonic brushes to create a monumental work with a refined, concise statement. Stars and Dust stands as a cohesive whole, resulting in a moving collection of lyrical and cinematic songs.

1. 11 Miles (4:1)
2. Evergreen (5:25)
3. Golden Summer (4:27)
4. Stars and Dust (4:29)
5. She's Only Sleeping (4:42)
6. Reverie (3:11)
7. Ashe (6:19)
8. Strangely Beautiful (3:52)
9. Ghost (4:48)
10. Chiaroscuro (5:4)


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