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Nashville, TN - East Nashville’s four-piece indie space rock band Creature Comfort will release the new single "Teeth For Days" on October 21st via ONErpm. In celebration of October being National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, the band is donating a portion of this month's merchandise sales to local non-profit East C.A.N. The band holds a special regard to animal kinship with the origin of the name Creature Comfort being rooted in the power of animals to cope with mental issues. Cole Bearden (bassist) explains:

"I was in the process of coming to grips with my mental illness(es) and it reached a tipping point one night. I had a really bad episode and had a nervous breakdown. My close friend / roommate who had had a LOT of history with mental illness and how to deal with it, happened to find me on the stoop out front of our house in the middle of the night. He gave me a good pep talk about why it's all in my head, to get the proper help I need and lastly, to go inside and get some "creature comfort" from Sonny (my dog). And now here we are."

The band recently released a new Sci-Fi / virtual reality themed video for "Am I Dreaming?" off of their critically acclaimed EP Echoes & Relics (released April 2016 via ONErpm). Live In Limbo said, "This is a fascinating and weirdo video...even after knowing more about it, questions still linger and if art isn't thought provoking what good is it?

Creature Comfort formed in Tullahoma, TN and is fronted by Jessey Clark, a Pharmacist by day and singer-songwriter / guitarist by night.

1. Teeth For Days (3:23)


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