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Seabird is an American alternative rock band based in Cincinnati, OH/ northern KY.

Aaron and Ryan Morgan, the band of brothers behind Seabird, just released their third LP after negotiating an end with their record label (EMI) of six years, and raising over $40K with the help of an incredibly supportive fanbase and the popular fan-funding platform, Kickstarter.

With a newfound ability to make music on their own terms, Seabird seized the opportunity to tell stories of what inspired them; of brokenness and redemption, love and loss. The goal was to capture the world as they saw it without the gloss or sheen of label input.

Troubled Days finds the Morgans taking flight into new territory, from the irresistible front porch stomp of “Stand Out” to the bouncing riffs of “We Can’t Be Friends”. Fans will undoubtedly love the new directions on Troubled Days, but Seabird hasn’t abandoned its wheelhouse. “Love Will Be Enough” and “Pull You In” find the Morgans at their best as the album’s emotional, affecting highlights.

1. Love Will Be Enough (3:43)
2. Pull You In (4:39)
3. Please Please (4:4)
4. Stand Out (3:7)
5. We Can't Be Friends (3:45)
6. Something Better Change (3:29)
7. Love Suicide (3:44)
8. Find A Way (3:16)
9. Troubled Days (2:46)
10. Golden Skies (4:12)
11. Extraordinary (3:11)
12. Palmetto Peach (4:14)


Brendan Padellford


Brendan Padellford commented…

Awesome album! love me some seabird

Todd Ransom


Todd Ransom commented…

Great guys with under-appreciated talent.

Millie Anderson


Millie Anderson commented…

Wow this band is awesome! I was looking for something different to listen to so I went to The Drop (of course!), found them and will be listening to them a lot from now on!

Nathan Miller-West


Nathan Miller-West commented…

Amazing band! I saw them live after their first album came out, so good. Beautiful piano work.

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