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Genre-bending and ground breaking, this album is like nothing you have encountered before. Call it intimate, acoustic-driven, folk-rock poetry; or perhaps a mash up of Passenger, Sigur Ros and Daughter sitting beneath passionately delivered spoken word.

Whatever it is, Joel McKerrow and the Mysterious Few are pioneering a unique fusion of artistic forms through an explosion of poetic verse, impassioned performance, soaring vocals and intricate musicality. The songs/poems (or pongs for short) are inspiring and moving, attention grabbing and thoughtful, articulate and powerful, in-your-face and under-your-skin. They are the breath before the storm and the bellow of thunder. Not merely poetry dressed up with a thin veneer of music, this is music powerfully and intentionally woven with spoken word.

Frontman Joel McKerrow is one of Australia's most successful performance poets having toured extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, the UK and Europe as well as releasing two previous studio albums, two live albums and two published books. He is the Artist Ambassador for the aid and development organisation ‘TEAR Australia’, was the third ever Australian representative at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championships in the USA (2012), has been invited to perform at the Sydney Opera House, the Victorian Parliament House, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (NYC) and he is a TEDx speaker and performer.

In short, Joel and the band are redefining what poetry is, how we engage with it, making it accessible even for those who gave up on poetry when high school English class sadly killed it for them. They will convert you, that is their mission, you will like poetry once more.

1. Welcome Home (5:40)
2. We Tell Stories (4:55)
3. Waiting for the Storm to Break (4:57)
4. Fences (4:57)
5. Dawn Comes Slow (3:56)
6. Awaken (5:47)
7. Raindrops (6:6)
8. The Search (7:18)
9. For Tomorrow (6:9)
10. Ugly Words (live) (4:4)

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Ecron Muss


Ecron Muss commented…

Mr. Reviewer, in Australia the word "pong" refers to a nasty smell. Mr. McKerrow's poetry is inciteful, insightful and provocative in all the right ways, pong or not!

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