What I Know Right Now (Single) + Whenever/Wherever EP

About the Artist

“What I Know Right Now” is the first single from the new Matt Wertz album, “Heatwave.” The song explores a contemporary folk blend of warm harmonies and brushed snare, as Wertz uses the melodies of his Missouri childhood as a springboard into an exciting new realm of modern musical possibilities, interpreting his influences in a striking, singular way.

The “Whenever/Wherever” EP features 3 songs from the new album, plus 2 bonus cover songs.

1. What I Know Right Now (2:35)
2. Get To You (3:3)
3. Whenever You Love Somebody (3:51)
4. When It Feels Like This (3:41)
5. Ooh La La (3:47)
6. Please Forgive Me (5:12)

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